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We “aim” to keep it real, hard and fast just like life itself. Life is full of placebos but if we can take that one moment and seize it in a way that will leave a lasting and eternal mark upon your life then we have accomplished our goals.


CZ Airsoft is a work of passion for reaching the world for Christ through the sport of Airsoft and an outreach to our community using Airsoft through affiliations with civic organizations and churches of our area that help us make this happen.

“Reaching Communities to bring Principles, Discipline, Team Work and Camaraderie”


WE ARE NOT A CHURCH by any means but we are an outreach to spread God’s word to anyone that will listen. We are comprised of many churches and organizations that are dedicated to sharing our views as well as having a great time while gaming and at the same time teaching others things that might change your life forever. We intend to introduce games you might have faced while playing before but with various twists and turns as well as introducing players to other ideas to assist in thinking “outside the box”. (then again this is why we are outdoors).


I’m a former US Marine that has a passion for working with people as a former minister to the youth and young adults from surrounding communities.

These days I proudly serve in capacities that keep us all safe and secure in our beds at night. Since 2010 CZ has been my passion to learn the hobby and sport of Airsoft but also to use it as a means to bring people together in a personal, physical and spiritual nature. From here however if you wish to know more I suggest you fill out that email form next to my picture and ask.

So suit up and let’s get to it!

Most often asked question I get is "What does CZ mean?". If you want to find out you're going to have to come and ask me personally.


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