CZ members pride themselves on being professional with integrity and maturity

All of the following rules can carry the penalty of expulsion from the field if violated:

Any language that is verbally aggressive (profanity, threats of physical violence, degrading language, vulgar gestures, etc) is strictly prohibited and can lead to expulsion.

Any physical aggression or any unwanted physical contact is strictly prohibited. (striking, grabbing, shoving, throwing objects, etc) will result in immediate expulsion. Horseplay is encouraged to be controlled at a minimum in the staging or playing areas.

Any form of unwarranted aggression, bullying of players, personal vendettas will not be tolerated and those involved may be removed from play for an undetermined amount of time.

Theft and the handling of any other player’s equipment without their expressed permission, including theft from the field is strictly prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law permissible.

All patrons are expected to act with integrity and maturity. Anyone who becomes a danger to themselves or others will be removed from the playing field and asked to leave the area.

Any violation of this Code of Conduct will be considered a serious offense and will be evaluated by a panel of CZ Officers and all parties involved. Once a decision has been reached an appeal may be made to the CZ Staff for consideration.