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These are the supreme authority or final say on ALL issues on the playing field and staging areas. Their presence is to promote order and maintain a fun, fair and safe environment. Disobeying, disrespecting and/or arguing with a marshal is strictly prohibited and can result in expulsion from the field. Field marshals are limited and players are encouraged to report any violations of field or game rules. ANY PLAYER CAN CALL A HALT TO PLAY FOR EMERGENCY SITUATIONS AND FIELD MARSHALS MUST BE INFORMED IMMEDIATELY OF ANY EMERGENCY SITUATIONS REGARDING FIELD PLAY OR PLAYERS.

Definition: When hit by a bb to ANY part of your body or equipment that has been launched, fired or expelled from any authorized airsoft equipment.

Airsoft is known and respected as an honor sport! Honor, Integrity and Respect go hand-in-hand with quality game play.

All players must call their hits! (If in doubt call it out!)

All direct hits to any part of a player’s body are valid; whether a player is hit in the chest, head, or pinky. Strikes to a player’s weapon as well as ricochets do not count, however, if a player is not certain, when in doubt, call it out.

When hit, a player must yell as loudly and clearly as possibly “HIT” and raise their hit/dead rag to the top of the head. Weapons should be slung barrel down or carried over one’s head while exiting the field.

While a player is “dead” they are not permitted to speak words other than “medic”, “respawning”, or “dead man walking” in order to ensure no “dead” player can communicate information to his/her team (enemy positions, etc.) until they have been “healed” by a medic or has respawned.

Grenades have a 15 ft kill box effect no matter the size. Remember it’s the honor system. Play nice or the Field Marshal might be forced to light you

CZ utilizes two types of medic rules:

MEDIC Rule 1: These Medics are designated and clearly marked players that have the ability to “heal” any player by maintaining physical contact with that player for 60 seconds. Anyone can move “dead” players by maintaining physical contact with them, but only medics can “heal”. Medic 1’s may not shoot or move while “healing” another player.

MEDIC Rule 2: These are the battlefield medics. In the spirit that all units carry a medic kit, all players can be a medic. If a player has been hit a player from their team can “heal” them while maintaining contact with both hands for 60 seconds. During this period the Medic is unable to engage in battle. The patient however may defend the medic as long as they do not move from their location and maintain the physical contact with the medic. The flip sides to this rule are (when in use):

-Attrition Rule: A player may be absorbed to the opposing team if the opposing player performs the medic rule of contact for 60 seconds. All team designation must be made to match the new team after absorbing.

-Kill Rule: An opposing player may remove a “hit” or wounded player by making contact with them for 30 seconds. The affected player loses all respawns (if in use) and is removed from the field.

Once hit, all players (unless otherwise dictated) have the options of waiting for a medic, or moving to a designated respawn point. A respawn point is a designated location from which a “dead” player comes back to “life” and can rejoin the game. Respawns are instantaneous i.e. once at a respawn point, players do not need to wait to come alive; as soon as the respawn point is reached; players are allowed to return to gameplay.

Respawn Points are usually placed on the outskirts of a game area or in designated areas in order to prevent “spawn camping”.

-“Spawn camping” is defined as watching the respawn point of an opposing team and “killing” other players as they respawn. Spawn camping is unsportsmanlike conduct and is strictly prohibited. Players must be at least 75 feet from an enemy respawn point; shooting at an enemy respawn point or at an enemy while respawning is not allowed.

The following rules were put in place in order to maintain safety, as well as add to the realism and quality of game play.

Players should not put themselves in a position in which head shots are necessary or encouraged. All players are encouraged to aim at center mass (center of the chest)

Blind firing is not allowed. Blind firing is defined as shooting a weapon without looking down the sights of that weapon, for example sticking a weapon through a window or around a corner and firing without looking.

DMRs shooting with a muzzle velocity up to 450 fps will maintain a minimum of 75 feet from their target(s) at all times and restricted to a single fire mode. Any automatic fire from a DMR will result in that rifle being removed from the field. Refer to field rules for actual FPS range rules.

​Sniper Rifles shooting with a muzzle velocity of 470-500 fps will be a minimum of 100+ feet away from their target(s) and restricted to a single fire mode. Any automatic fire from a Sniper class weapon will result in that rifle being removed from the field. Refer to field rules for actual FPS range rules.

Inside of any and all structures, all weapons should be set to semi-automatic, and players must show control at close range.

No shooting from door ways. Use windows or defend the door from another location in the structure but there are no defensive positions within 3 feet of any door.

A safety kill is defined as a player eliminating another player verbally without shooting him/her. The maximum range for a safety kill is 10-15 feet; the “killer” must catch the “victim” unaware or off guard, and must call out the word “Safety” loudly and clearly. If a player is safety killing multiple players, aggressors must aim their weapon at each individual player and say the word “Safety” to each player. This will be a single warning and if a player refuses to accept the safety call and re-engages the fight the aggressor may engage but is encouraged to fire center mass. If a Field Marshall is available a call for judgment may be requested. The Jason Bourne rule can be used in this situation if the perimeters match those described at the day’s safety briefing where it will be demonstrated.

NOTE: Those refusing the safety kill will lose the Marshall’s ruling.