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CZ believes that safety and fun are intertwined as well as being the most important aspects to the sport and hobby of Airsoft. We believe that honorable and enjoyable games are the best ways to advance the world of Airsoft. Before you are the field rules and regulations for CZ Airsoft for your safety. Please obey the law, use common sense, play safe and help us keep Airsoft fun and great for everyone.

  • Play safe, Play responsible and Play respectable.
  • Brandishing is illegal. Airsoft guns should never be taken out into public areas.
  • These are Field-Specific Rules that will be required by all participants playing on the CZ Airsoft Field.

Rule 1.

If in doubt ask a CZ Staff Member or Officer

In a system to promote fair and safe play CZ has adopted a “Strike System” currently being instituted on other airsoft fields. Any player’s infraction of policy, rules, safety or conduct issues will be identified by CZ Field Marshall’s and recorded at the Command and Control Point. Infractions of severity will be dealt with immediately. All infractions will be recorded as a “strike” and held on file until the end of the year and noted for historical referencing.

  • First Strike – removed from current game
  • Second Strike – removed from play for either the AM or PM session
  • Third Strike – removed from event and banned for 3 months with a 6 month probation.
  • Fourth Strike (Probation violation) permanent expulsion

All players are asked to have a player waiver completed prior to stepping onto the field.

To obtain one either write or download it from the briefing room

In the staging area, parking area or any place not designated a fire zone; ALL WEAPONS will be unloaded, on safe and a barrel-blocking device (BBD, aka “Barrel Sock”) is required for all carried weapons. Otherwise all weapons are to be in a holster, gun bag or container.

  • Required by all players are full-seal safety-rated lensed eye protection that meets the ANSI z.87.1 standard with eyewear retainer system (head band).

Note: the particular style must fully cup your eye area, so as not to have gaps allowing bb penetration.

  • Safety glasses are not allowed.
  • Mesh goggles or eye covering will not be allowed without a lensed protection over the eye itself but a full lensed goggle with a full seal is the preferred safety equipment. Regular glasses or safety glasses may be worn underneath but not as the primary safety element.

NOTE: Shards from bb’s can result from impact to mesh protection and may not provide adequate protection; CZ therefore, recommends goggles with a full seal around the eyes.

  • Those wearing eyeglasses may not “STACK” safety glasses over the top of prescription glasses.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is still possible to have injuries while using safety equipment.

Under 12

Require Helmet/full-face mask system, providing full-seal lensed eye protection with attached nose, mouth, and ear protection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is still possible to have injuries while using safety equipment.

13, 14, and 15 year-olds:

Require full-face protective gear, providing full-seal lensed eye protection with attached nose, mouth protection.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is still possible to have injuries while using safety equipment.

16 and 17 year-olds:

We recommend full-face protective gear.

Minimum requirements are:

  • Full-seal safety-rated eye protection that meets ANSI z.87.1 standards with eyewear retainer system (Note: the particular style must fully cup your eye area, so as not to have gaps allowing bb penetration). We reserve the right to deny unsafe eye protection.
  • Full Face mask to cover the nose, ears and cheek areas. Full seal mesh goggle system may be worn as long as there is eye lensed protection under the goggle.
  • Lower full-face protection to nose, mouth, and ears, such as the MATRIX GENERATION II MESH.

This only meets minimum requirements. Parents will be required to read our safety recommendations, and agree to be responsible if their minor violates their parent’s wishes, or if a parent allows only the minimum requirement.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is still possible to have injuries while using safety equipment.

​18 years old and up:

Again, CZ recommends full-face protective gear.

Minimum requirements are full-seal safety-rated eye protection that meets ANSI z.87.1 standards with eyewear retainer system (Note: the particular style must fully cup your eye area, so as not to have gaps allowing bb penetration) or full seal mesh goggle system with eye lensed protection under the goggle. We reserve the right to deny ANY eye protection if deemed unsafe by CZ staff at any time.

In addition, it is highly advised that players use a mouth-guard, balaclava, shemagh, scarf or mesh system be worn over the mouth at ALL TIMES on the playing field.

This only meets minimum requirements.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is still possible to have injuries while using safety equipment.

All airsoft guns will be chronographed regularly before every CZ event by staff and marked as checked prior to entering the field. Players will be checked randomly during the day by refs and staff.


ALL AEGs will be chronographed using .20g BIO bbs and ALL HPAs will be chronographed using .32g Bio bbs.

​Pistols / shotguns

  • MAX 350 – 399 fps / 1.49 J
  • 15ft MED

​SMG / Assault Rifles / LMGs

  • Max 300 – 400 fps / 1.64 J
  • 15ft MED
  • FULL AUTO 50 ft MED


  • MAX 401 – 449 fps / 1.88 J
  • 50ft MED


  • MAX 350 – 420 fps / 1.88 J
  • 75 ft MED
  • Ammo limit to .28g


  • MAX 450 – 500 2.81J
  • 100 ft MED (let’s face it. Unless you are at or more than 300 ft you should really use a DMR or SMG)

​Green Tape

  • 15ft MED
  • UP TO 400 fps / 1.64 J

​Yellow Tape

  • 401-420 fps / 1.65J – 1.88 J

​White Tape

  • 75 ft MED (MMG and Sniper only)
  • 421 – 450 fps /b1.65J – 1.88J

​Red Tape

  • 100ft MED (Sniper only)
  • 451 – 500 fps / 1.88J – 2.81J

​DMR Class – mechanically semi- locked
HPA Chrono with minimum .32g BBs
MMG class – PKM, M240, M60, long action…. 7.62×54 Russian or 7.62×51 NATO replicas
LMG class – M249, Krytac lmg, RPK, Stoner, etc… 5.56 / 7.62×39 replicas

​ALL DRUM MAGS SEE STAFF, certain events drum mags LMG/MMG class only

Questions regarding Chrono and weapon classes consult Staff.

​What does all this really mean? If you weapon is not under the cap it will not be allowed on the field. it is worded as under not exact or close to it.


No weapon may shoot over 25 rounds per second

​All airsoft guns will be chronographed regularly before every CZ event by staff and marked as checked prior to entering the field. Players will be checked randomly during the day by refs and staff.

HPA Class Restrictions:

All weapons must have lockable air tank valves (Tournament Locks Preferred) to prevent joule creep. For weapons that are unable to be have their regulators locked, their systems will be restricted to a 300fps/1.80j setting and be inspected periodically throughout the day. Any violation of valve settings can result in the ban of equipment and possible the player depending on the severity of the issue occurring.

DMR class weapons are restricted to a single fire only mode. Preferred to be semi-locked. All DMRs will be marked as such with a magazines can be either a low or mid cap with NO ammo above .32g. Optics are permissible. Any designated DMR firing full auto or burst will be removed from the field.

This weapon class is restricted to single shot only. Not semi-auto. NO ammo above .32g is allowed unless approval from a field official is given at the time of check in.

However, it is understood that with the difficulty of certain objectives it may be beneficial to use a better weight or grade of bb. Players are to clear these heavier ammo weights over 0.32g with the field safety officer before game play and will be restricted to a minimum 100ft engagement. Each sniper will be a case by case decision. For each weight class over .32g an additional 15 feet can be assigned and weapon marked at the discretion of the field safety officer.

Drum magazines will be considered a LMG and for MilSim games may be required to have a two man team to operate.

NO ammo above .28g is allowed. ​No engagement within 75 ft is allowed for contact while using a MG. No breaching with a MG as contact will be within the minimum engagement distance. Machine guns are support elements and require a 2 man rule for deployment. Special situations or scenarios may change this rule as the situation dictates. MGs typically require a 2 man team. For MilSim games this rule will be strongly enforced.

Only Biodegradable (BIO) BBs are allowed for use at all CZ events. CZ Reserves the right to randomly spot check any player’s ammo before, during and after play. Ammo weight restriction is .32g for all rifles and pistols, however, players clearing it with the Operations and Safety Officer at CZ may get approval for heavier grade bbs for Sniper and DMR class equipment.

All areas before the Fire Zone (designated by a boundary marker) are considered to be a no-fire zone. All airsoft weapons will be unloaded, placed on safe with a barrel block cover while in this area. There will be designated test-firing and chronograph areas at the entry point of the field. Eye protection must be worn when outside of all no-fire zones.

All borders and boundaries regarding safety and playing areas will be clearly explained and identified during the event safety briefing. Players leaving the designated field boundaries will be subject to any local, county and federal legal adjudication as they may apply to an individual in full accordance of the local and federal laws.


ALL ENGAGEMENTS WITHIN 15FT are considered either the “Bang Bang” rule or “Safety Kill”. However, should a player try to escape or attempt to channel their inner “Jason Bourne” instead of accepting the hit and courtesy call, this situation now becomes a limited engagement. The defending player now chooses to accept the risk of injury by proceeding. Both Aggressing and Defending player are limited to single fire only and are asked to try and avoid head and groin shots if at all possible. If a Referee makes the call for a hit to either player the situation is over and ruled on the spot. Should a Referee not be available players are reminded to keep it professional because this is going to hurt. Use common sense and take the hit as well as announcing the drop on a player. Intentional blind fire will not be tolerated.

REMINDER: Single shot only at this range. Violators will be removed from play and possibly the field.

ALL ENGAGEMENTS WITHIN 15FT are to be “Single Fire” only. Violators will be removed from play and possibly the field.

Shield Use Policy and Rules for CZ Events:

We all know that it is great to have something to hide behind or use a barrier to gain a tactical advantage in a scenario but recently the use of shields have taken on a very different and sometimes negative vibe. So, to help put all this to bed CZ is going to have a very distinct Shield Rules and Policy to make it fair, fun and still keeping it to an effect of realism. We have broken down two types of shields in use for consideration: Home Made and Store Bought.

I encourage you to review this video to help you better understand what the real world application(s) are of using a shield.

Click Here for a Quick Video to Express the Point

​To Shield or Not to Shield:

We understand that there are a few that have either spent good money to purchase or construct a shield to use a type of ballistic barrier. These simulated ballistic shields can he used for (S.W.A.T.) security or policing scenarios. These shields should not be intended for forward operating or simulated a combat aggressing such as patrols or open field missions. For the majority of scenarios executed here for CZ shields will not be needed.

​Shields can be utilized under these rules:

  • If there are two or more shields in play on the field they shall be equally divided upon the teams in the given scenario.
    • If only one shield is in play it will be at the discretion of the Lead Referee to make the call if it is an allowable element to the given scenario.
    • Defensive, Breaching, Guarding, HVT are all scenario types shields can be used for.
  • Shields may be utilized as a bunker of defense to hide behind until the cardboard barrier wears out. They are designed to provide an unfair advantage against the enemy and should be used as such in the appropriate settings. If utilizing the shield as a protective barrier or any other portable barrier system and placed on the ground the shield has 90 seconds to move at least 5 feet.
    • Being pinned down under constant fire from multiple shooters is an exception to this rule. Should a shield be used in a barrier mode while under fire and is unable to move forward for more than 5 minutes must retreat to a safe location.
    • Shields may be picked up by other players and used should the bearer go down. However, the assault and defense rules apply and only a pistol may be utilized. If the shield is disabled no player may use it until it is repaired.
  • To use as an offensive barrier the shield must be off the ground at least 3 inches with no artificial support while the use fires from behind while looking through the peep hole. In other words, NO BLIND FIRING. Likewise any player hit from a shield bearer so long as they are in control and looking through the shield is a good hit.
    • If the user blind fires from behind the shield those hits achieved are null.
  • Shields can have a holder and an assistant to act as a gunner using an AEG from behind so long as the shield is operational. Once the protective barrier is penetrated the shield is disabled.
  • Shields will have no defense against simulated armor elements, air assault, grenades or mortar attacks
  • Shield bearers may only be armed with a pistol while utilizing a shield. They may have an AEG on their person in a slung position but may not use it unless the shield is either disabled or discarded.
  • Shields are not to be used to barricade or block access to doors or windows within the frame. They can be recessed to provide additional cover as described in the shield use rules.

​Shield Requirements: Store Bought

​This version of CQB Riot Shield is perfect for Camera Crews, Close Quarters Battle (CQB) Airsoft Simulations. Let’s highlight the wording of Camera Crews and CQB . We are not encouraging everyone to use this shield for mil-sim, but at times, it is NECESSARY select mil-sim scenarios. NOT ALL OF THEM.

  • ​If buy one we are not asking you to destroy your shield to apply these rules as described above but are going to require you to design a method to apply some modifications to be at the same advantages/disadvantages as the shield types listed above.
    • The shield must weigh 15 lbs. by attaching some version of weight .
    • A spacer must be made tot he front to allow for the two 7″x15″ cardboard plates (Fig 4) to be used or:
    • 5 clay pigeons attached to the shield (2 in the top, 1 middle and 2 on the bottom ) as shown in Fig 3 to identify when the shield is disabled when a single pigeon is broken.

CZ has a responsibility to promote the safety for all participants, observers and associations of CZ Airsoft. The following items are strictly prohibited; anyone found carrying any of these items is subject to ejection from the field:

  • ​Alcohol
  • Cannabis (Vape or Natural)
  • Firearms and Live Ammunition
  • Any blade longer than 4 inches
  • Mace, Pepper Spray or other form of chemical weapons
  • Improvised Airsoft Grenades, Mines, or other Explosives
  • Incendiary Devices (Fireworks, Mil-grade Smoke Bombs, Flash bangs etc.)