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Battle of Spotsyltucky

May 28, 2022 @ 09:30 17:00 EDT

Spotsyltucky is a war 4 years in the making and it is all going to come crashing down in one afternoon

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$40 Admission

Timeline of events:

0800 – 0930       Check in and Chrono

0930 – 1000       Briefing

1000 – 1030       Movement to Bases

1030 – 1300       1st Phase. See team notes for specific details for all 6 elements

1300 – 1400       Lunch Break

1400 – 1430       Briefing and Movement to Bases

1430 – 1700       2nd Phase. See team notes for specific details for all 4 elements

1700 – 1800       EndEx activities 


TROOPERS: Identified by RED striping on arms, chest and back

Troopers are made up of all territory units and act as Peacekeepers and moderators as directed by5

Central Government. Uniforms can be of any type to allow them to blend with other units. 

SPOTSYLTUCKY: Identified by TAN striping on arms

Units are identified by tan-based uniforms or lumber jack styled uniforms and markings. 

FREDBURGISTAN: Identified by BLUE striping on arms

Units are identified by either black uniforms or non-regulation clothing and markings

STAFFORDIA: Identified by GREEN striping on arms

Units are identified by green-based uniforms and marking


               Riflemen: Up to 401 fps / 4 mid-caps or 2 hi-caps / .32g max

               DMR: 415 – 450 fps / 2 mid-caps or 1 hi cap / .42g max

               SNIPER: 420 – 500 / 50 rnds / .42g max (+ must have approval)

               GUNNERS: Up to 410 fps / 1 drum or box / .32 max / MG units must work in tandem with a

partner. If either member go down the team is down or must switch to an alternate weapon.


                                                        CZ Ch Sets                    Baofeng Freq                                    Motorola Ch.

Safety Net                         Safe 1                   436.975000                                       1

 Trooper Net                      Safe 2                   436.555000                                       2

Spotsyltucky                     Tahi 1                   420.440000 – 420.555000             5-7

Fredburgistan                   Wha 4                  433.500000 – 433.750000            10-12

Staffordia                          Iwa 9                    434.125000 – 434.250000            14-16

Radios can be programmed onsite. If you need to be programmed, please plan to arrive early to allow time as there are many things going on before game start. If you have a set of frequencies that your team or group already uses you can use those for your internal frequencies.




Field Staff, Officials, Refs and Field Marshalls are the first and final say to any Rule, Policy or Issue involved at CZ.

  • For this event along with Staff and Refs to assist in officiating there will also be Field Marshalls introduced as a game element and official ref. They will be identified wearing a yellow vest and will not be in game play while in this capacity.  
  • Field Marshalls will not inhibit play unless there is a situation that requires game play to stop at a location to ensure game rules and play are enforced. Once the situation has been resolved the Field Marshall will be removed from play and mush respawn to re-enter the game.


               Base areas are designated by the command flag of that unit. Within the base area will be several items to assist the commanders and team members.

  • Command flag, Canopy tarp, table and command board, water pack, radio (to call safety or troopers)
  • Command areas are regarded as the respawn points for all units and can’t be camped within 150 ft. There will be no shooting into these areas as there will be players clearing safety gear. Violators can be expelled.
  • After lunch break field officials will move all base flags near the base but outside of the 150ft perimeter. This is because your command flag is up for grabs as a capture point. This will have no effect on your ability to respawn.


Snipers wearing ghillie suits or other alternate uniforms may opt for wearing unit marking on their lower body as close to the knee as possible for both legs that the marking can be seen for identification. Snipers are required as players to mark their upper body on the arms as well.


               Unit Commanders will be designated by a YELLOW stripe under their unit marking stripe.

               Each unit will have 2 commanders assigned. Level of activity it at the discretion of the unit.

Commanders are the only designate that can call for Trooper assistance and intervention. This is not to be confused with safety or official matters. Any player may call for that at any time.  


               Unit Medics will be designated with a WHITE stripe under their unit marking stripe.

               Each unit will have a medic for every 10 members of their unit.

Medics are used as a mobile unit to heal wounded members and must place both hands on the wounded and execute a 60 second count to revive the member to service. Should this stop or be interrupted at anytime the wounded member dies and must proceed to their respawn or mobile respawn point. During this time the medic is unable to defend themselves and can also be captured. If captured during the act of healing, both the wounded and the medic are captured.    


  • WOUNDED RULE: When a player is hit (burst of fire included) they are to take a knee and count to 60 as a bleed out time. During this 60 count they may call out and give tactical information until either the 60 count has been reached or they are hit again. A second hit (not from initial burst) terminates the player and they are now dead and must remove themselves to the mobile respawn or respawn area. Players may not move from their hit location but can be assisted by other players to gain cover.
  • MEDIC RULE: When a player is wounded and executing the bleed out count a designated medic must make contact using both hands on the patient. The medic will begin a 60 second count and at no time lose contact with the patient or they will die.
  • MOBILE RESPAWN: There are a limited number of flag poles spread out around the Spotsyltucky region. These poles will have a colored flag representing each of the units represented. To activate the pole, place your units color in the center pole. Each pole has a 50ft safety zone around it once activated. It may not be fired from or into. A mobile respawn point can be reset when there are no players at the location. Units can have as many mobile respawn points as they can capture.


  • HOW TO CAPTURE: When you have captured an opposing player you have several options
    • Turn them into Command personally by escorting them
    • Call for Trooper assistance by either locating a Trooper or calling into command for a pickup.

POWs may not run or resist. They can however be rescued until the time they are in Trooper Vehicle custody.

Every player has a number on their wristband that corresponds to their team and name (you get this at check in) This is the information that is reported to Command.

Players that are turned over to a Trooper on foot or by vehicle will be escorted back to command for processing. All POWs will incur a 15-minute prison time before being released and taken back to their base area for reintegration to the game.  

  • Most captures will occur at time of wounding. If this occurs the bleed out count stops and you are turned over to the unit and eventually to Troopers and Command.
  • You can’t just walk up on someone and claim a capture unless there is a surrender. A person walking back to respawn can’t be captured.
  • +5 Player / +10 Medic / +20 Commander

Troopers                                           Spotsyltucky                                    Fredburgistan                   Staffordia

Base Location    Staging                               Tower                                                Ender / POW Camp               Hill Top

Respawn Point  Staging                               Tower                                                Golf Cart Area                  Fallen Tree

                              Ref. Vehicle                       Doors                                                 POW Camp

1030 – 1300

1             Arrest Leaders                  Secure borders                                Capture POWs                  Capture POWs

2             Arrest Medics                   Secure flags clear                           Secure BK & NECC             Secure Ender pole

3             Police Spotsy                    Secure/Clear LZ                              Secure Pole at BK               Secure BK pole

4             Turn over POWs              Secure/Clear Ender                        Secure Ender pole               Secure POW Camp

5             Reset Flags                        Capture CO & Medics                    Secure LZ                           Capture Gen Store &



6             Secure Sat. House           Border and Flags                             Capture POWs                  Capture POWs

7             Secure LZ                           Capture CO & Medics                Capture Spotsy flag           Capture Ender

8             Secure Necc.                     Capture Fredburgistan flag         Capture Staff flag              Capture Spotsy flag

9             Secure Store                     Capture Staffordia flag                 Secure LZ                           Capture Fred flag