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Operation Crusader V _ day one

March 20, 2021 @ 09:00 16:00 EDT

Welcome to the war soldier. Join the fight in our fifth installment of this war between the left and the right. Will be be victorious or will you be among the fallen at days end. This is a two day event and your team needs you more than ever to complete the conquest ahead. They are depending on you and your abilities to secure victory. Gear up and get into the fight!

Teams of 4-6

Required Equipment or Gear: Radio, notebook and writing instrument. Map pens or Expo thin markers are optional but recommended.

Each team will need to be configured as:

  • Commander- Stripe across chest and back shoulders
  • Navigator – Stripe over right shoulder
  • Medic – Stripes on each arm
  • Radio Operator – Stripe down left shoulder to mid-arm

Teams will be assigned 3 initial tasks and a starting position. These 3 tasks can be completed in any order of the teams choosing. Each task will require a confirmation by a Ref or Range Control. Once all three tasks are completed and confirmed, teams will be allowed to choose from a task board for individual missions worth various points. Each task will have a time limit and a determined number of points that will be awarded upon completion. Should a team fail to accomplish this task they will lose a number of points.

Respawn and Medic Rules

Respawn points will be identified throughout the field with an ORANGE flag. Each respawn area is a circular no fire or kill zone for 100 ft. These points will be open to all players to use. Only one team color can occupy these points at a time. Respawn will take 5 minutes.

Medics will have 5 “bandages”.  These can be used on any player the medic chooses. When the medic is out of bandages they have two choices; (1) return to Range Control for a resupply of bandages (2) locate a ref who can offer you a resupply. Each team will be assigned a number and each bandage will have a number of that team for accounting. To perform the duties of a medic is to place both hands on a wounded player and count to 60 and then placing a bandage on the wrist of the healed player. At days end a count of bandages will be sorted and accounted for each medic. Each bandage used will be worth 3 points.

If a medic is killed there are two choices: (1) check in and respawn at Range Control and return to your team mission, (2) Check in with a Ref for a 60 second delay and a 5 point penalty.