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Operation Crusader VI – day two

March 20, 2022 @ 09:30 17:00 EDT

Welcome to the next installment of CZ’s Crusader War event series. This event can be played either as single or two day event for every player and team. The more your team is doing the more they will achieve towards victory. Scores will be tallied at the end of each day and a winner declared. Day two will identify the day’s winning team and the winning team of both days of the Crusade.

Teams of 4 no larger than 6 will compete around the realm of CZ to complete several tactical missions and secure objectives within each mission. If you don’t have a team, no worries, we will gather you up and get in one.

Game briefing starts at 10:00 AM

Each Day will end at 5:00 PM

Will your team make succeed or die trying?


Teams of 4-6

Required Equipment or Gear: *Radio, notebook and writing instrument. Map pens or Expo thin markers are optional but recommended.

Each team will need to be configured as:

• Commander- Stripe across chest and back shoulders

• Navigator – Stripe over right shoulder

• Medic – Stripes on each arm

• Radio Operator – Stripe down left shoulder to mid-arm

[*Radio: CZ uses a preset group of ham radio frequencies to avoid any FAA infringements to the airport and local law, Fire and emergency responders in our county area. If you use a Baofeng radio and desire to be programmed please come early or plan a time to get this done. Bear in mind that Baofeng and Motorola will not communicate so it is always a good idea to have one of each or plan accordingly for your team. An email will be going on regarding frequencies prior to the event and be available the day of Crusader for Team and Safety frequencies.)

Once teams are designated they will be given initial orders and tasks to complete. Each team will either gain or lose points based on the time limits of their missiona dn tasks to complete. All will require a confirmation by a Ref or Range Control. Once the initial mission and tasks are completed and confirmed, teams will be allowed to choose from a task board for individual missions worth various points. Each task will have a time limit and a determined number of points that will be awarded upon completion. Should a team fail to accomplish this task they will lose a number of points.

There will be Medics and Respawns used in this event.

There will be an element of capturing HVTs for teams to accomplish

War has a new face and is looking right at you. Are you and your team up to the challenge?