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Red Dawn 2021: Rise of the Wolverines

May 15, 2021 @ 08:00 18:00 EDT

We are taking ALL Walk-ons for this event. Logistical issues have been resolved and we are operating at full speed ahead. Age limit for this event is 13 yrs and Rentals are available as a first come first serve basis

Part 1 of a multi-field event. Experience the invasion and occupation. Choose your sides and fight to the very survival of what you hold dear.

“Nobody paid much attention to the glitches or world scene until the events of the Summer of ’21 occurred. By the time systems began returning to normal, American Military command realized their mistake too late. Russian boots hit the ground on the East Coast and Midwest. America was the front line for a new World War, a new dawn, a Red Dawn 2021.”

A continuing story line and objectives. Keep your team together through all four epic battles and get the chance to experience the best battlefields in Virginia.

Great sponsors and prizes


$50 walk-on – 1 Raffle Tickets Included


This is the occupation; Russian forces have completely secured the area…or so they thought. A group of insurgents, civilians and soldiers have made it their mission to destroy and disrupt the enemies supply lines and nearby outposts. While each team has a primary objective, the main thing is to acquire Victory Points throughout the day. The team with the most points is the field winner. Winners will get an additional raffle ticket at the end of the day.

There are 4 battle fields in this event:

Each event will have a different “Scenario” and story line.

5/15 – CZ Airsoft: The Invasion “Rise of the Wolverines”

6/ 19 – Roanoke Airsoft: The Occupation

7/17 – Rush Airsoft: The Resistance

8/21 – Swamp Airsoft: The Final Fight

Team Colors/Uniforms:

Once picked you are that team for all 4 events. Gear (i.e. vest, gun, tactical gear) colors do not count. What matters is the color of your top, bottom, and head.

-USA: Anything Tan/Brown or Civilian attire

-USSR: Anything Green or Black


• Airsoft GI

• Amped Airsoft

• Blackjack Tactical

• Enola Gaye

• Goonies Airsoft

• Meherrin River & Knifeworks

• North 40 Airsoft

• Tactical Airsoft Arena

• Theta Events

• Valken

• Wolverine Airsoft

Date & Time: May 15th 8AM to 6PM Schedule:

0800 – 0930 Check-in / Chrono There will be no walk-on permitted. This event is Sold Out and we are at capacity

0930 – 1000 Briefing

1000 – 1015 Staging Players

1015 – 1300 1st Session

1300 – 1400 Lunch

1400 – 1530 2nd Session

1530 – 1600 Break

1600 – 1730 3rd Session

1730 – 1800 Break / Raffles

1800 – 1900 Final Session if players interest

As the games are in the peak of summer we will have breaks. This will be a good refuel for the players and chance to meet the sponsors