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Op Crusader – Aftermath

March 17 @ 10:30 16:00 EDT

CZ’s annual Crusade continues with day two’s “Aftermath”.
For team members returning for day two you will remain on your team and be subsidized with augmented players to evenly spread the talent. Each team will have a minimum of 5 up to 10 players. New joins will be placed by random lottery conscription at check in.
Teams will be marked Blue, Green, Purple, Red and Yellow.
Check in begins at 1030
Chrono Opens at 1045 – 1130 Chrono will close at 1131 and reopen after the briefing.
Safety /Game Brief: 1130-1200 Bear in mind this take a few minutes to get through. and we will get going as fast as we can.
Each team must designate 1 leader, 1 asst. Team leader 2 medics and 2 couriers. Once done check in with officials for marking and to receive first orders. Once an order has been completed team leaders can either call for verification by an Official or send a Courier to find an Official. Once a mission or task has been accomplished teams are to proceed to the Neutral Zone for further orders. Taskings and orders are worth points and will be tallied at the end of the day.

It is HIGHLY SUGGESTED to have this equipment to be successful in this operation.

Notebook and writing instrument (that’s military speak for pen or pencil)
Radio (Baofeng seem to be the universally accepted radio of airsofters (CZ, Staff and team frequencies are on these) but, Motorola radios work among teams)
CZ can program your radio for team channels but either arrive early or expect to get a late start if you wait.
If you are coordinating with your team you might want to have the same uniform items.
CZ Player waiver must be completed for admission. See Player Waiver Page
1st Block MilSim: Establish bases, Recon elements, Begin seizure missions, secure border regions.

Break – Eat, Drink and be reloading while looking at some of the gear that we all have to barter with.

2nd Block MilSim Push out to complete objectives and seizures. Secure operational zones

3rd Block MilSim Forces will push to eliminate all other groups until only one stands.

EndEx 1630 – Gather the fallen and prepare funeral pyres

$30 Admission